A redesigned IV pole for the hospital and for the home.

"A hospital in Ontario lost $170,000 due to incidents related to poles tipping, IV bags, and pumps dropping and breaking."


-Lakeridge Health, Ontario

"Replacing the IV bag takes too long and it requires a lot of lifting. It also has to be done multiple times a day."

-Cornell University

"IV pole is a symbol of illness, and there is a stigma around it."

-EMT personnel

An IV pole is imposing and is difficult to maneuver through spaces.

Tolle is low profile, lightweight, and easy to roll around.

01. Concept

Tolle is a redesign of the IV system for the hospital and for the home. This design values ergonomics and takes the psychological needs of the patient into consideration, unlike current systems which are imposing for patients to carry them around. Tolle promotes feelings of comfort and happiness with its approachable look. With its luggage-like design, Tolle is low profile and easy to maneuver. For nurses, the IV system includes a pump control pad with an easy-to-use interface. Nurses can quickly install the IV bag in a position that requires minimal lifting. This also prevents any dropping of bags.

02. Pump Control Pad UX

Tolle features an integrated infusion unit with a controlled system of pumps. Compared with traditional pumps, Tolle's interface is user-friendly and straightforward. The minimalist design lets users quickly choose an option and navigate through the IV bag installation process. The color blue was chosen to convey the sense of cleanliness and calmness, two factors that are important in the medical setting. 

03. Smart Phone UX

Paired with a smart phone, the patient and nurse can check the status of current infusions. Alarms are also in sync with the IV system itself. Additional features include storing of patients' profile and diagnostics.

04. Materials

Anti-bacterial copper handle

IV Pump touch pad

Aluminum pole

Plastic, ABS


Plug in for recharging

05. Renders

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