The clothing rental app for everyone.

The Problem

How can we design a service that allows people to be both environmentally-conscious and fashion-conscious?

Why is it important?

More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States.

An estimated $500 billion is lost every year due to clothing that's barely worn and rarely recycled.

Global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, with the average garment being worn much less than before.

Market Research

Current rental services range from $50 - $100+ per month, allowing rental of no more than four garments. The delivery of these items takes a couple of days to a week.  


The current market rents out only higher-end clothing. There is an opportunity to rent fast-fashion garments.

Renting out fast-fashion clothing would provide greater supply at lower prices.

A faster delivery option, perhaps with a third party service (i.e. Uber or Lyft), would encourage more users to rent.

Allowing rental of more than five garments would provide enough outfits for an entire week. 

User Personas

Jenna is a 22-year-old fashion design intern. She wants to stand out by having a different outfit daily but she could not afford to buy new clothes with her current living wage. On special occasions, she uses Tulerie, a fashion rental platform for high-end clothing. She also likes to makes sure her clothes come from companies that are eco-responsible.


  • Would like to be more environmentally responsible. 

  • Wants to have more outfits but to do so without spending a lot of money.

  • Wants her clothes to fit well.

Mark is 33 years old. He works at a startup as a developer. Recently, he has been wanting to expand his closet and look more stylish. He uses a service called The Mr. Collection, a clothing rental site for men. He also likes to shop online to save time and to avoid the hassle of traveling to the mall.. 


  • Hopes to receive his online orders quickly.

  • Needs someone to consult with about his style.

  • Wants his clothes to fit well.

Journey Map 

User Flow


Fast fashion. Fast delivery.

Tog'd is a clothing rental service that offers leading fashion brands including H&M, Gap, Zara, and more.


Tog'd solves the problem of fast fashion by extending the life of clothing through a rental model instead of ownership.

Our affordable subscription service uniquely delivers a wide variety of styles, with same-day delivery straight to

your door.


Pick your clothes 

Choose outfits, based on your sizes, from every category and popular brand. Know which Tog'd stores your items are coming from and your estimated delivery time. 

Not sure if it's the right fit? Reserve your item and try it on in person at the nearby Tog'd store.


Get delivery on the same day

Edit and confirm your delivery time. Receive your new outfits from the third-party delivery service.

Items ordered from different Tog'd stores will be collected and delivered all at once.


Schedule return on the same day

Edit and confirm your return delivery time. Give your already worn outfits to the third-party service to deliver back to a Tog'd store.

Get notified after all of your recent rentals have been returned.


Re-order your favorite items

Scroll through your previously-rented outfits, clothes you are currently renting, and your go-to items. 


Consult with a stylist in person

Schedule an appointment with a stylist at a nearby Tog'd store and receive advice on new fashion, trends, and clothing styles.

Receive rental suggestions based on your Style Quiz answers.

Thank you!