• Andrew Pacio

Why I do have a blog?

Updated: Sep 30


I remembered back in college, one of my professors, Martha, gave our class a required assignment to post a blog about design once a week. Back then, I never fully realized the importance of writing about design. I just thought it was extra work that would count heavily on my grades. I was right, but still...

Realizing now, Martha was definitely on to something. At the core of it, blogging was one of the ways to live for design and think about design outside studio. That commitment taught me to always check current events and research the past involving why a thing is designed the way it is. As an added perk, the blog encouraged me to work on my soft skills, on writing and talking about varieties of topics with my friends. Thanks, Martha!

Who am I?

Hello friend, my name is Andrew. I am a budding UI/UX designer. I live in San Francisco. I like ube ice cream, houseplants, and Dua Lipa. Sometimes, I like to imagine what my future house will be like (In SF?! *eye roll*) by going on Pinterest and saving photos "for later." Throughout the day, my mind asks random questions, so Google is always on tab to scratch my curiosity itch.

What is the blog about?

In the months ahead of this blog, I predict a series of commentaries on current events related to UI/UX design, trends, challenges, ideas for startups, funny thoughts/discoveries, little-things-to-think-about kind of posts. My goal is to simply write and learn as much as I can.

So, this blog is a reboot; a revival of an assignment that I hope will transform into something integral in the future. *Fingers crossed*

Why does this matter to me?

It's an outlet for me to discover design and to share that knowledge. I feel it will help me improve my writing. I would finally have reason to release those fragmented ideas I have saved on my Notes App. I think a portfolio is a good way to show the design process and finished products, but a blog is a great way to share everyday thoughts and design-related ideas.

Why does this blog matter to you?

It doesn't; however, we may have the same thoughts, the same experiences, or completely different ones. If you're a designer, or someone looking into being one, it might be an extra form of perspective.

For example, I decided to include a blog in my portfolio website. Maybe you should too. I've explained my reasons above, but I've found other benefits as well. Check them out if you like:





I don't know how else to end this first post, so I'll end with a quote from a famous poet and Virginia Tech professor.

“Writers don't write from experience, although many are hesitant to admit that they don't. ...If you wrote from experience, you'd get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.”

Nikki Giovanni

See ya, friend!