Browser Buddy

Cyber Security Extension

Group Project: Rob Nealy, Andrew Pacio, and Kirby Emerson

According to a 2012 study*, seniors are not only more likely to be targeted by fraudsters, but also tend to lose money once targeted. Browser Buddy is an extension that stops users from clicking on deceptive links and gives them the instructions to avoid these attacks.

*Stanford Center on Longevity and the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s Investor Education Foundation

01. User

02. Research

03. Market Research

04. Interview Insights

05. Problem Statement

06. Design

The design must engage the user to click, without being cumbersome. Icons indicate a sense of danger, but not panic. Identifiable icons and minimal steps help in having a good user experience.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

07. Interface

Browser Buddy will pop up when a scam email appears. The user will be drawn to click on the warning bubble before the link.

When the bubble is clicked, steps to avoid the breach are shown to the user.

Suspicious and random chat messages are also scanned by Browser Buddy.

Browser Buddy will advise the user to delete the message and report the profile.

Fraudulent pop-ups and websites are detected by Browser Buddy. 

The extension will advise the user to leave the page before being tricked by the scam.